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Line of Credit

Keep Your Policy to Preserve Your Estate

Policyowners can immediately receive a cash advance or premium financing, or a combination of both, without providing any collateral aside from the policy itself. The repayment of all and any funds is secured only by the policy’s death benefit.

Now, policies owned by trusts, businesses, and individuals can access liquidity and non-recourse premium financing, as well as policy management services.

The only collateral is the policy itself.

Capital Credit Group, our South Dakota lender, has been providing institutions with non-recourse premium financing on inforce life insurance policies for over 13 years.


Now individual policyowners can access the same benefits and keep their policy without having to take on burdensome debt or reduce their quality of life. 

If you are a policyowner of a life insurance policy where the insured is over 65 years old, or if you are a professional advisor whose clients are over 65 years old, follow the link below to our submission form.

This program is not for new policies.
Term Conversion Financing

A 74 year old male attorney from Florida had a $1.75 million term policy, and his deadline to convert was approaching. He wanted to convert the entire face amount, however he only had the means to afford $500,000 of coverage. 

CCG offered a proposal where the $1.75 million policy would be split into two policies. The attorney would fund the $500,000 policy himself, and the other $1.25 million policy would be funded using CCG's premium finance program. 

The attorney was able to afford the entire $1.75 million of coverage for the benefit of his family without having to reduce the quality of his life, without having to pledge personal guarantees, and without having to pay current interest during the loan term. 

Survivorship Universal Life Financing

A couple in their mid-seventies bought a $13.7 million Survivorship Universal Life policy 14 years ago. The annual premium payments were $290,000 and they requested a loan from Capital Credit Group to pay the premiums.

CCG provided a five year, $1,740,000 loan to cover annual insurance premiums and fees, and the insured has an option to repay the loan and retain ownership of the policy, or to surrender the policy to CCG after the loan matures with no additional recourse to the insured.

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