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Policy Management

Institutional Quality Management for Your Policy

With our management services, businesses and institutions are constantly aware of the costs and features of the life insurance policies they invest in and own. Equipped with this knowledge, our institutional clients make economically prudent decisions regarding the administration of their life insurance policies.

We extend the same institutional client services to trusts, businesses, and individual owners.  

Life insurance advisors, estate planners, attorneys, accountants, and policyowners are not always familiar with policy management areas such as longevity and mortality risk, premium payment optimization, additional expenses and other charges, conversion privileges, and special riders. Individual consumers tend to pay the premiums that they are told to pay, and may not be aware of special riders and policy features. Often, the premiums for your policy can be reduced, allowing you greater financial flexibility. 

Our extensive experience dealing with the demands of institutional policy owners enables us to offer the same service to individual policy owners at a cost-efficient rate.

We work with advisors to create the optimal strategy to tackle the complex nature of life insurance policies.

The Policy Management Report provides you with:
  • Mortality underwriting and life expectancy projections

  • Transfer of longevity risk

  • Future required premiums forecast

  • Summary of conversion privileges

  • Explanation of potential COI increases

  • Both fair market value and life settlement value of your policy

  • Minimum premium required to maintain coverage

  • Summary and benefits of special riders applicable to your policy

Whether you are a professional advisor acting on behalf of your client, or a life insurance policyowner yourself, use our submission form at the link above to submit basic policy information to us for an initial, no cost, no obligation review.

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