Proprietary Solutions

Bringing Institutional Services Directly to You

We're leveling the playing field between policies owned by institutional investors and policies owned by trusts, businesses, and individuals by directly offering our highly specialized lending program and cost reduction strategy.

Consumers often purchase life insurance policies without understanding the full scope of the longevity and mortality risk, as well as the investment and management options available to them. Mortality risk is often overpriced, and longevity expectations have to be evaluated annually based on updated life expectancy projections.

During the course of policy coverage, premiums are paid but the policies do not perform well and are mismanaged. As a result, a high percentage of policies are surrendered or allowed to lapse, and the death benefit is never paid out.

AFG can provide cash advances against the death benefit, non-recourse premium financing, and a variety of other financing techniques that we can tailor to a seller’s individual needs. A trust or individual who owns a policy can receive a cash advance against the policy, and continue to borrow from us in order to pay the premiums on the policy, thereby ensuring that the policy survives and the insured’s family can eventually receive a portion of the death benefit claim. Professional advisors and policyowners should explore the Line of Credit and Policy Management options we have made available.

Our non-recourse premium financing program has been used by institutions to finance premiums on existing life insurance policies. Find out how you can do the same for your clients' policies, or for your own policy.

Institutional investors rely on us to optimize the cost of their life insurance policies and dramatically reduce their annual premium costs.

Owners of life insurance policies should be able to access the same services as institutional investors to also pay the lowest annual costs.

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