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AllFinancial Group

Specialty Finance

Proprietary capital. Data-driven decisions.

We provide institutions with exceptional financing and alternative asset management services.

Our investment focus is on non-correlated assets with long investment horizons, resulting in exceptional returns that are not influenced by fluctuations in equities, commodities, or currencies.

  • Opportunities include:

    • Cash Advances

    • Financing for annual premiums

    • Credit for relevant legal and accounting fees

    • Emergency bridge loans

    • No pre-payment penalties

    • Customized to meet the unique needs of individual policy owners

    • Standby credit facility similar to home equity loans

    • Extension options

  • Policy owners can maintain their policies to protect their beneficiaries.

  • This line of credit transfers longevity risk and the risk of escalating Cost of Insurance from the policy owner to the lender.

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