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Specialty Finance

Proprietary capital. Data-driven decisions.

We provide institutions with exceptional financing and alternative asset management services.

Our investment focus is on non-correlated assets with long investment horizons, resulting in exceptional returns that are not influenced by fluctuations in equities, commodities, or currencies.

AFG Services:


  1. Mortality Underwriting and Life Expectancy Projections

     Life expectancy projections are the cornerstone of managing life insurance policies as investments and estate       planning tools. AFG uses a proprietary method to estimate life expectancies, that include extensive                         examination of individual medical records, actuarial assumptions, and appropriate monitoring.

   2. Policy Performance Evaluation

     Trustees and policyowners should annually review the policy under the most current in-force illustration and           annual statements from the insurance carrier, along with policy provisions as applicable. Policies should be             evaluated based on the most current life expectancy.

   3. Administrative Review

     The life cycle of a policy should be reviewed in its entirety. We check for mistakes made by the insurance               carrier, verify that premiums are timely paid and credited to the policy, and validate that the policy is                       accurately titled with the correct timeline of owners and beneficiaries.

    4. Insurance Carrier Review

     The financial stability of insurance carriers, evaluated by rating agencies, has to be reviewed in order to                   ensure future payment. 

    5. Premium Financing

     Capital Credit Group, a subsidiary of AFG, is a direct lender that offers a hybrid of life settlements and non-           recourse premium financing.